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Chevrefeuille is the French name for honeysuckle plant, the very good parfume flower.

This is the typically romantic room of the house with its exposed beams and roof slopes.
In Chevrefeuille bedroom there is a queen size bed (63” wide).

Chèvrefeuille Bedroom

Chevrefeuille has a very nicy bathroom with a bathtub.

3 commentaires

jeudi 02 août 2012 à 21:09 Jo Ella a dit : #1

This room is very cozy, clean and spacious enough for two!

jeudi 02 août 2012 à 21:15 Jo Ella a dit : #2

I highly recommend this B and B because it's lovely and cozy. It has a nice garden, it's quiet and the breakfast is really good.

vendredi 24 août 2012 à 03:16 Florent MONTHEL a dit : #3

@Jo Ella : Thank you for your feedback Jo ! See you soon

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